Rati-Fi offers Practices Multiple Benefits

Improves Office Workflow: In today’s medical offices, time equals money. The Rati-Fi Informed Consent platform increases the efficiency of the informed consent process by using mHealth technology. The app educates patients about upcoming procedures and treatments, explaining their options using high quality medical illustrations and plain language. After the patient has watched the video, they take a brief quiz to check for comprehension. The answers can be used as the basis for the physician-patient consult.

Enables point-of-care service: The Rati-Fi app works on an iPad, allowing nurses and doctors to bring treatment information to patients. Patients can also view the videos on our patient Surgery CareSite™ portal in advance of their first visit, giving them time to better understand their options and formulate questions.

Increases Practice Revenues: Our studies have shown an impressive ROI among practices who use the Rati-Fi platform. Savings are generated by reducing the amount of time that doctors and nurses spend with patients on admissions flow, leaving them time to focus on patient care.

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Improves Patient Satisfaction: Better educated patients make more informed choices. This leads to higher patient satisfaction ratings and improved compliance. This, in turn, leads to better outcomes.

Meaningful Use: The Rati-Fi app helps practices meet “meaningful use” criteria for patient education to secure reimbursement from Medicare.

Reduces Malpractice Risk. The Rati-Fi Platform helps reduce physician liability by documenting the consent process. The patient-physician consult is recorded by the iPad and the video, along with the survey and consent form is compressed, encrypted, and stored on a HIPAA-compliant server. This can be accessed by the doctor for medico-legal purposes for 10 years for adults and 18 years for children and is viewable by the patient through a patient portal/website.

Rati-Fi® Informed Consent System
The Rati-Fi® Informed Consent System includes educational videos and a quiz to check patient comprehension.