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PreOp® and Rati-Fi® Video Centers

How does PreOp® educational content engage and educate patients?
The Rati-Fi® Informed Consent System is powered by a library of urology procedures from the PreOp® Surgery Centers and PostCare™ Discharge Series produced by MedSelfEd in collaboration with doctors from Boston Teaching Hospitals.
Videos use medical quality animations and clear, plain language.
PreOp videos are medically accurate, engaging and of the highest production value. The combination of detailed medical illustration animation, and clear explanations of complex procedures teach at a level appropriate to the audience and educate patients very effectively.
Rati-Fi® educates patients about their treatment choices.
The Rati-Fi System is a patent-pending, mHealth-ready system that improves patient education and comprehension for both pre-treatment and post-care using high-quality medical animations to explain treatment options, a brief quiz to test for comprehension and a video-based informed consent process that records the conversation with the doctor and stores the video and a PDF of the signed file securely in the cloud. A patient satisfaction survey is also included in the process.
How does the Rati-Fi® improve patient comprehension?
After watching the educational videos the Rati-Fi System tests comprehension by administering a quiz. The doctor can use the patient's answers as the basis for their consultation.
Download our Laser Vaporization of the Prostate Video now -- it's FREE!
To let you experience the quality of our video series, we are offering our Laser Vaporization of the Prostate video as a free download.