Informed Consent is a critical component of effective medical treatment. However, many patients are just not well informed.

  • Multiple studies show that patients remember only 20-30% of what they are told minutes after informed consent is administered. This can result in confusion, poor patient satisfaction and, in some cases, opens the door to malpractice suits.
  • $6.4 billion is spent annually by malpractice insurance companies to defend malpractice claims against physicians.
  • A 2012 study by CRICO identified that communications factors were identified in 42% of the cases they reviewed.


The Rati-Fi® Informed Consent System: Putting Informed Back into Consent

The Rati-Fi® System is putting the informed back into consent. The system enhances the informed consent process by creating an educational, engaging, and mobile process that improves comprehension so patients make educated, informed choices.

Rati-Fi SystemThe iPad-based program has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Patients are informed about their treatment options using videos from the PreOp® Surgery Video Library and PreOp® Discharge series.

The videos use high-quality medical illustrations, animations, and plain language to describe complex medical procedures.

Some people learn visually and the animated videos provide a clear explanation of the procedures or treatment, using plain language.

The Rati-Fi® App and videos are available in English and Spanish. In addition, the app connects directly with an on-demand medical translation service that offers 40 different languages.