Informed Consent

Informed consent is the process of obtaining permission from patients before they agree to a procedure, surgery or treatment.

Rati-Fi™ offers a new way to both educate patients and obtain a record of consent using an electronic video consent system.

Discuss, Describe, Decide

A complete informed consent process includes a discussion of the patient's decision-making role in his or her treatment, a description of the clinical issue and suggested treatment, disclosure of the risks and benefits associated with treatment, and an assessment of the patient's understanding of the treatment options that culminates in the patient's preference and consent.


Multiple studies show that individuals can only recall 20-30% of what they are told at the time informed consent is delivered, even minutes after the discussion.

The Rati-Fi™ system

The Rati-Fi™ system helps healthcare providers streamline the informed consent process using a multi-step approach that improves patients' understanding of their choices, resulting in consent that is considered and informed.

Bring Informed Consent to the Patient

iPad-based Rati-Fi™ allows you to bring the information right to the patient.

Step 1: Education

The Rati-Fi™ System starts with high-quality patient education videos that describe the upcoming treatment or procedure. These videos provide answers to common questions and provide a basis for discussion with their doctor.

Step 2: Confirm

Using a patent-pending procedure, the Rati-Fi™ System confirms that patients understand the potential consequences of a treatment or procedure. This step reinforces the choices that patients must make about their treatment.

Step 3: Consent

The Rati-Fi™ System provides video documentation of patient consent. The patient education, confirmation of comprehension, counseling, and signed consent form are documented, encrypted, compressed and stored on a "HIPPA-compliant" cloud server. The video and additional information is viewable by both the physician and patient through a secure website.

Step 4: Follow Up

Follow-up care is an important part of patient recovery. With the Rati-Fi™ System, post care instructions and video are available to the patient using a secure website.

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